Our Babies

Real Life Stories

The ARGC has helped thousands of women give birth since being established in 1995. Here are the stories of just a few of them:

YW lives in Cornwall with her husband and toddler twin boys.

She had tried three different clinics and had seven failed attempts at IVF before she turned to the ARGC. By this stage, the couple had spent £50,000.

After her second IVF cycle at the ARGC, YW, who had polycystic ovary syndrome, became pregnant.

YW, from Cornwall, said: “Most clinics give you standard levels of the various drugs you need, even though each woman has different needs. I was getting the same treatment over and over again, but it clearly wasn’t working.”

“Mr Taranissi is the only doctor who treated me as an individual.”


NR lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband, son and younger daughter, both conceived after treatment at the ARGC. She conceived on her second attempt at ARGC.

She had had two failed attempts at another clinic previously and was recommended by a friend to try the centre’s individual approach. She said: “At other clinics you never know who you will see, but Mr Taranissi oversees everything personally.”


ZJ was told she had with ‘unexplained infertility’ by another clinic. She had two unsuccessful attempts at IUI, although she lived a healthy lifestyle and tried alternative therapies. After four years of trying for a baby she was advised to have counselling to cope with the fact she would never have her longed for baby.

After hearing Mohamed Taranissi talking at an event, she decided IVF with the ARGC was her last resort. After one attempt at IVF with us, she was pregnant with her baby Naomi. She said: “It was meticulous. But perhaps this was what made all the difference.”


Patient feedback

We aim for excellence and strive to do the best for our patients. As a result we think it’s extremely important to have patient feedback.

The ARGC audits every patient by asking them to fill in a questionnaire after treatment.