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ARGC appreciates that it may be difficult for patients to come into Upper Wimpole Street (sometimes daily) for monitoring during a round of IVF. Not all IVF clinics offer the same treatment programme and many only offer a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of treatment. ARGC’s philosophy on the other hand, means that each patient is treated on an individual basis. The ARGC medical team takes the necessary time to perform frequent blood tests and scans that are needed to monitor all changes in the woman’s body during her treatment. We believe this regular monitoring is crucial and has helped ARGC gain its high success rate.


In response to feedback from our patients, and to make the ‘IVF journey’ easier and less inconvenient, ARGC has opened a centre in the Oxford Business Park South. The centre will undertake part of the monitoring phase of treatment (ultrasound & bloods), thus reducing the need for patients to attend our London clinic. This period could last for approximately twelve days. The results will be reviewed daily by our medical director and patients will receive a call every day from our staff with their daily drug regime.


Our aim is to:


  1. Bring our services closer to the patient
  2. Provide a more accessible service to the residents of Oxfordshire and surrounding areas
  3. Reduce the overall cost of treatment
  4. Reduce the time commitment of treatment


*Note: In order to maximise your chance of benefiting from our exceptional results, you will still be required to attend our London Clinic when you are ready to undergo egg harvesting and embryo transfer. This will ensure that patients always receive treatment from the highly experienced members of our team who have worked together for many years at our facility in London, where they have consistently achieved the UK’s highest success rates year on year.



4420 Nash Court
Oxford Business Park South


Our spacious, modern facility is easily accessible from the ring road and has ample free parking.


Approximately 75% of patients who use Upper Wimpole Street have failed at other clinics before turning to ARGC for help. We hope that, by extending our geographical reach, patients will not have to settle for second best because of time-inconvenience limitations.

We are committed to making the ARGC results easier to access. Patients can now mix and match on a daily basis, whether they are monitored in Upper Wimpole Street, Oxford or our other new facility at Champneys, Tring.


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