The (modern) age old question. Should I freeze my eggs? 


The proper cryopreservation of the egg is arguably one of the trickiest tasks in the fertility laboratory. Compared to embryo freezing, it’s success rates are lower, due to the fact that we are freezing a single cell as opposed to over 100 cells in an embryo. The loss of a cell in an embryo is unlikely to affect the outcome, in contrast, the loss of a cell in an egg leads to the loss of the egg.Nonetheless, egg freezing has come a long way since it’s advent, and with vitrification, we are able to better preserve the integrity of the egg.

What are the factors that affect the success of egg freezing?

* Egg age: it’s no secret that egg’s health decreases with age. That’s due to reasons such as mitochondrial loss (the energy stores within the egg) and, most importantly, chromosomal defects.
* Egg quality: maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle affects egg quality and thus, success rate.
* Stimulation protocols: to increase egg yield, medication is given to stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs. Here at ARGC we do stimulation differently. We don’t follow a set protocol as such, instead we follow your body’s response. By closely monitoring your progress throughout the treatment by regular blood tests and scans we tailor each medication and dose to you specifically to ensure we are getting the appropriate number of eggs without compromising on quality.
* Laboratory practice: after the eggs are collected, it is up to the lab to assess them and freeze them. The freezing process is a very delicate technique and timing is of utmost importance. At ARGC, we pride ourselves in having some of the most experienced embryologists in the country. With a very diverse background, our lab staff bring in their vast array of expertise and know-how from all over the world to ensure that we are giving you the best chance of success.

Since the inception of ARGC in 1995, we have consistently achieved the highest success rates per cycles started in IVF in the UK every single year. In 1999 we were the first clinic to be licensed to freeze eggs in the UK and in 2000 were the first clinic to thaw eggs and use them. We are now offering the most affordable egg freezing treatment in the country for the appropriate candidates. Should you have any questions or wish to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on ‪02074861779 ‬or or visit our website on…/ar…/Britains-ice-age-baby.html