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All patients at ARGC have their treatment personally overseen by our Medical Director, Mr Mohamed Taranissi. Your consultation will be with one of his small team of doctors.

It is important that we make your consultation time as positive as possible and enable you to start treatment quickly, if you so wish. To do this, we ask you to complete and submit the registration form. For the past several years, we have offered our Initial Consultations exclusively by Zoom or by Telephone Call. We find this offers more flexibility for patients rather than attending the clinic in person.

If you experience any issues, please telephone the ‘New Patient’ appointment line on 0207 486 1779 or email

Book an appointment at ARGC

Our friendly and experienced team are waiting to help with questions and queries on our dedicated Enquiry Line 0207 486 1779 or via email:

Appointments cannot be made over the phone, or without the registration form.

In order to keep waiting time for an appointment to a minimum, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure your consultation appointment. This will be deducted from your consultation fee prior to your appointment.

We will notify you by email with a suggested appointment date and time which you are welcome to change if this is not convenient. Once your appointment has been confirmed, we would be grateful if you could forward any copies of results and records from previous investigations and treatments as well as any blood results you may have available.

Before arranging an initial consultation with us, you can schedule a call with one of our senior administrators free of charge. To find out more and organise this, please click here.

Blood tests

Prior to commencing treatment at the ARGC, we require the results of various blood tests. These may be organised for you on the day of the consultation or may be done locally before, or after your consultation should you prefer.

For frequently asked questions about your appointment and initial blood test information, click here.