Our Prices

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Consultation Costs

Initial consultation £200
Follow-up Consultation (by telephone) £150

Ultrasound Costs

Ultrasound scan £120


Semen analysis£130
Semen freezing (+ storage for one year)£400
Semen storage (per additional year)£300

Treatment Procedures

(includes ultrasound scans, theatre charges, anaesthetic charges and doctor’s
fees. The cost of medication and blood tests are not included)
ICSI procedure (in addition)£1200
Blastocyst culture£400
Egg freezing
(Includes ultrasound scans, theatre charges, anaesthetic charges and doctor’s
fees. The cost of medication, blood tests and storage are not included)
ICSI using thawed eggs£2300
HFEA fee£80
Surgical sperm retrieval (includes anaesthetic charges and 1 year storage)£1600
Cyst aspiration under sedation£450
Hysteroscopy under sedation£1350
Intrauterine insemination£800

Genetic Procedures

PGT-A (PGS or aneuploidy screening) 
Set up fee ( non refundable)£995
Testing per embryo (up to 6 embryos)£495
Additional embryos (each)£375
PGT-SR (preimplantation diagnosis for a known chromosome re-arrangement,
includes PGT-A if required)
Set up fee (non refundable)£995
Testing per embryo (up to 6 embryos)£495
Additional embryos (each)£375
PGT-M (PGD or preimplantation diagnosis, includes PGT-A if required)
Test development fee charged by the genetic testing laboratory (non refundable)£2000
Set up fee ( non refundable)£1000
Testing of up to 5 embryos £1900
Additional embryos (each)£500
Carrier testing for genetic disorders (per couple)£1600
Genetic testing for donor matching (per person)£800 - £1000 (depending on testing panel)

Frozen Embryo Procedures

Embryo freezing (+storage for one year)£680
Embryo thawing and transfer£1380
Embryo/egg storage (per annum)£300


Hormone profile (FSH, LH, oestradiol, prolactin and progesterone)£150
HIV, hepatitis B (surface antigen and core antibody) and hepatitis C£140
FBC (full blood count)£50
Haemoglobin electrophoresis£90
AMH (anti mullerin hormone)£110
Vitamin D£70
Thyroid function test£70
Chlamydia (urine test)£80
Gonorrhoea (urine test)£80
Mycoplasma and ureaplasma (urine test)£120
HVS (high vaginal swab – general infection)£80
Quantitative beta HCG£50
Immune blood screening (Initial profile)£1050
NK Assay£440

Other treatments

IVIG£2500 per 25g

Patients having treatment elsewhere who require monitoring

Patient administration fee£300
Scan and report of scan£150
Blood tests (see pathology)
Medical report £30
Natural pregnancy monitoring administration fee (does not include scans or blood tests) £250

Fees and Payment

The fees for initial consultation, all investigations and treatments, are paid directly to the ARGC.

Patients are respectfully asked to pay their consultation fees, semen analysis, pathology, scans and medications etc. on the same day. Thereafter, patients having fertility treatment are asked to pay a deposit at the commencement of the treatment cycle and settle any outstanding fees on the day of the egg collection.

Payment should be made by major credit/debit cards. We regretfully cannot accept American Express.

Private medical insurance companies do not generally cover assisted conception treatments, but may reimburse consultation fees, blood tests, scans or operative procedures. Patients will be required to make payments at the time of treatment and claim retrospectively from their insurance company.