Our unique approach

unique approach to ivf care

We believe that every patient is individual and therefore their care should be individual.

Rather than following rigid protocols based on age or medical history alone, care is taken to monitor you closely, using blood tests and scans, to pick up the slightest changes which will impact on the choice of your medication and the timing of treatment.

We take into account that, however ‘regular’ a woman’s cycle is, hormone levels can change from day to day and month to month. Just because you have had a baby with IVF previously, we do not necessarily follow precisely the same course of treatment for a second pregnancy.

As we don’t have a standard protocol, we need to be available seven days a week, which is why our staff work around the clock, at weekends and Bank Holidays, to be available when you need us.

Attention to detail, using the most up to date technologies, pioneering new techniques and dedication of our staff contribute to our excellent results. Since we opened in 1995, we have achieved the highest results year on year.