Prices are effective from September 1st 2014.

Description Cost (£)
Consultation Costs
Initial consultation 180.00
Above with semen analysis 250.00
Follow-up consultation 120.00
Telephone follow-up 120.00
Ultrasound Costs
Ultrasound scan 110.00
Semen analysis 120.00
Semen freezing (+ storage for one year) 400.00
Semen storage (per additional year) 300.00
Treatment Procedures
IVF 3000.00*
ICSI 1200.00*
IVF + ICSI 4200.00
Assisted Hatching 300.00
Blastocyst transfer 350.00
Egg freezing 2800.00*
ICSI using thawed eggs 2000.00*
HEFA fee 75
Surgical sperm retrieval under sedation 1400.00
Cyst aspiration under sedation 400.00
Hysteroscopy under sedation 1300.00
Intrauterine insemination 600.00
PGS (aneuploidy screening) POA
* These charges include ultrasound scans, theatre charges, anaesthetic charges and doctor’s fees. The cost of medication and blood tests are not included.
Frozen Embryo Procedures
Embryo freezing (+ storage for one year) 650.00
Embryo thawing and transfer 1000.00
Embryo/egg storage (per annum) 300.00
Oestradiol (each test) 35.00
Quantitative beta HCG 45.00
Hormone profile (FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Prolactin and Progesterone ) 140.00
HIV, Hepatitis B & C 130.00
ACA 50.00
IgA 25.00
Immune blood screening (Initial profile) 980.00
FBC 45.00
IVIG 1500 per 25g


Fees and Payment

The fees for initial consultation, all investigations and treatments, are paid directly to the Centre. Patients are respectfully asked to pay for their medication, pathology, scans, semen analysis, consultation fees etc on the same day. Thereafter, couples having fertility treatment are asked to make full and final settlement of their account on the day of egg collection. If, in the rare event we are unable to collect any eggs or if eggs subsequently fail to fertilise, we regret that there will be no alteration to the stated fees.

Payment should be made by major credit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Switch and Delta, or by Banker’s Draft. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Private medical insurance companies do not generally cover assisted conception treatments, but may reimburse consultation fees, blood tests, scans or operative procedures. Patients will be required to make payments at the time of treatment and claim retrospectively from their insurance company.