Our Record

Our success rates speak for themselves. The latest verified clinical pregnancy rates, published by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in November 2015, showed that the ARGC achieved the highest pregnancy rates per cycle started in the UK. Since opening in 1995, we have attained the UK’s highest success rates per cycle started every year (as published by HFEA).

HFEA published verified data (on 19/11/2015) for the period 1 July 2012 – 30 June 2013

(Fresh IVF & ICSI cycles)

Age Groups < 35 years 35-37 years 38-39 years 40-42 years
ARGC 80.2% 68.3% 50.0% 47.0%
UK Average 35.6% 31.9% 24.9% 18.5%

(Embryo source – fresh embryos own eggs)

It is not the case that we pick the most straightforward cases to achieve these results. In fact, most of our work is assisting couples who have been unsuccessful elsewhere or those with complex fertility problems. Currently, approximately 75% of our patients have had unsuccessful treatment at other licensed clinics.

For more information on our success rates, go to our Results section.

What makes the difference?


We believe it is vital to monitor women carefully and regularly, to make sure they get the best treatment, at the right time. We work 365 days a year, so if required, monitoring can still be undertaken on weekends, as well as on public holidays, in order to maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy.


This monitoring is in the form of ultrasound scans and blood tests, to determine a woman’s cycle and hormone levels. During the stimulatory phase of treatment, which lasts around fourteen days, patients will frequently need to attend the ARGC or one of our satellite clinics on a number of occasions (sometimes on a daily basis), either for a blood test or for both a scan and a blood test. Further instructions are given each day via a telephone call in the afternoon. Medications may be altered, dosages changed or new medications added.
This level of monitoring may be inconvenient in the short term, but it is extremely important to determine when the follicles are the right size to be collected. We believe this regular, frequent monitoring is vital and can make the difference between success and failure.


All our staff have many years of clinical IVF experience. All our embryologists are highly experienced and highly regarded in their field. The highly dedicated and experienced nursing team have many years combined experience in IVF and associated treatments.
The Medical Director, Mr Mohamed Taranissi, oversees every case and looks at each patient’s files every day. He tries to perform the patient’s trigger scan when he can. Although he can no longer see every patient, he has hand-picked all his clinical staff who excel in their chosen specialism. Please note however, that all treatment regimens and instructions are issued by him personally.

Quality and Safety

We maintain strict quality assurance, and quality controls, throughout the centre. These are particularly rigorous in the theatre and laboratories. All of our state-of-the-art equipment is pro-actively maintained and subject to regular inspection.

A Culture of Innovation

We have pioneered a number of techniques in the UK, which have since become accepted practice in many fertility clinics. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the chances of viable pregnancies so that we remain the UK’s most successful IVF clinic.

Immunology of Implantation

We were one of the first clinics in the UK to investigate the recurrent implantation failure of embryos and the immunology of implantation. This enables us to identify and offer treatment to couples suspected of suffering from this type of infertility.

PGS for Aneuploidy Screening

We now work in association with the Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago, a world-leader for PGD, to offer this treatment if it is required.

Egg Freezing and Thawing

We were the first clinic in the UK to be granted a licence to freeze and thaw human eggs, a service which we continue to provide free of charge for cancer patients prior to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Saviour Siblings

In 2004 we were granted the first UK license to use PGD for tissue typing. This enabled families to have a ‘Saviour Sibling’ i.e. a child who could be a tissue match for a seriously ill brother or sister. This procedure has been performed subsequently very successfully for many families.

Keeping One Step Ahead

The ARGC is never complacent and continues to innovate. The clinic is always on the lookout for new ways of improving patients’ results and care. This is because of the number of complex cases we see, and the fact many of our patients have exhausted their options at numerous clinics prior to coming to The ARGC.

First Time Patients

Although we predominately treat very complex cases, we still very successfully treat women with more straightforward issues, who want the best possible chance right from the onset.

Travelling for IVF treatment does incur travel and hotel costs but we believe our system of individualised care, attention to detail and regular monitoring can make a real difference to success.

We hope in the near future to enable women around the country to have all their blood tests and monitoring done at satellite ARGC clinics following their initial consultation at Upper Wimpole Street. Click here to see our current satellite service