Success rates

[UPDATED April 2024]

To ensure patients receive trustworthy information, we only present data that has been verified by the HFEA. Although their most recent statistics are from 2019, we believe these figures serve as the most dependable reference point for patients. Unlike self-reported data, HFEA-verified statistics provide an independent validation of quality and precision for patients.

Consistently the highest success rates every year in the UK

The ARGC clinic has had the highest pregnancy and live birth rates per cycle started since it was established in 1995. The results are consistently around twice the national average despite the fact that over 75% of our patients have had failed attempts elsewhere before attending the ARGC.

ARGC’s latest verified live birth rates per cycle started (2018)

These are our latest verified data published by the HFEA in March 2021 (covering the period 1/1/2018-31/12/18) for fresh IVF & ICSI cycles.

Clinical pregnancy rates for London clinics (2019)

These are the latest verified data published by the HFEA in March 2021 (covering the period 1/1/2019-31/12/2019) for fresh IVF & ICSI cycles. These results are listed alphabetically and categorised by age groups.

 Below 3535- 37 years38 - 39 years40 - 42 years
National Average37%31%25%17%
Boston Place 55%19%18%35%
CARE London28%28%16%12%
City Fertility21%19%27%8%
Chelsea and Westminster44%38%25%24%
Concept Fertility42%26%39%18%
CREATE (Wimbledon)57%35%32%27%
CREATE (St Paul)51%42%30%33%
(formerly UCH)
64%50%39%N/A <10 cycles
FGA40%24%N/A <10 cycles25%
Harley St23%16%N/A <10 cycles0% (0/15)
Homerton32%33%26%N/A <10 cycles
IVIN/A <10 cyclesN/A <10 cyclesN/A <10 cyclesN/A <10 cycles
King's Fertility40%39%28%14%
The Lister Fertility Centre34%28%24%13%
London Fertility Centre (LFC)72%45%43%33%
London Women's Clinic33%27%15%5%
Reproductive Genetics (RGI) 67% (2/3)50% (1/2)50% (4/8)50% (1/2)
Wolfson Family Clinic23%27%16%13%

ARGC staff also operates RGI (since 2003) and LFC (since 2017)