The ARGC was established in 1995 by Mohammed Taranissi (a consultant in reproductive medicine), together with a small, experienced team who felt that fertility treatment could be done differently and better than any existing services.

Since opening, the clinic has developed both a national and international reputation for excellence and now undertakes around 1700 fertility treatment cycles per annum.

Its reputation has been built on its success rates; the clinic has achieved the UK’s highest success rates in IVF & ICSI every single year since 1995.

Mr Taranissi (Medical Director) has pioneered a number of techniques in the UK, which have since become standard practice in many fertility clinics. The clinical team are constantly looking for ways which will improve the chances of viable pregnancies and always strive for treatment improvements that will lead to even higher success rates.

In response to feedback from patients across the UK, the clinic is currently developing a network of satellite services that are aimed at making the ARGC services more accessible to patients throughout the UK.



A.R.G.C. Limited 

Registered in England and Wales No. 4038272 

Registered Office: 30 City Road, London EC1Y 2AB