Pioneering treatments

The ARGC has pioneered a number of techniques in the UK, which have since become accepted practice in many fertility clinics. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the chances of success for our patients.

Immunology of Implantation

Since 2002 the ARGC has pioneered in the UK the investigation of recurrent implantation failure of embryos and the immunology of implantation. This enabled us to identify and offer treatment to people suspected of suffering from these conditions.

Genetic testing of embryos

The ARGC was the first clinic to offer genetic screening (PGS) of embryos in the UK. We now work in association with leading genetic testing laboratories to offer treatment that includes the most up to date genetic testing technologies.

Egg freezing and thawing

The ARGC was the first clinic in the UK to be granted a licence to freeze and later thaw human eggs, first providing this service in 1998. We were also the first UK clinic where a baby was conceived from the use of frozen eggs.

Saviour siblings

In 2004 the ARGC was granted the first UK license to use PGD for tissue typing. This enabled families to have a ‘Saviour Sibling’. This procedure has become an established practice in subsequent years, assisting many families to help their affected children.

Keeping One Step Ahead

The ARGC is never complacent and continues to innovate. Many patients who come to the ARGC feel they have exhausted their options elsewhere. Our innovative and flexible approach provides new hope for them.