From our Medical Director

In a series of short interviews with Kay Burley, our Medical Director Mr Taranissi hopes to be able to debunk some of the myths about IVF and also some of the criticisms of infertility treatment.

Kay Burley interviews Mr Taranissi, Medical Director, about IVF and trying for a baby.

In this video, Kay Burley interviews Mr Taranissi, Medical Director, about the high success rates at the ARGC.

Mr Taranissi, Medical Director, is interviewed by Kay Burley about add-ons and immune therapy.

Kay Burley interviews Mohamed Taranissi Medical Director at the ARGC about ‘success at any age?’

Founders of the fertility podcast, Kate and Natalie talk with our Medical Director, Mr Mohammed Taranissi to explain that 80-85% of ARGC patients have had repeated failures elsewhere. Cycles are all carefully monitored and changes made as required to maximise the outcome. The intensive monitoring is suitable for couples who have had repeated failed cycles and implantation issues. To listen to the podcast click here.

Mr Taranissi takes the stage with Lisa Faulkner and Jessica Hepburn for Fertility Fest, at the 2019 Fertility show, to discuss support during treatment success and journey to embracing ‘your plan B’. To watch click here.