At 32 years of age, I was told that IVF was never going to work for me

Jules two girls and a boy

Having a complicated health history of breast cancer, followed by five years of infertility; I was devastated to discover that the stock standard IVF treatment I was receiving in Australia just wasn’t working for me.

At 32 years of age, I was told that my body was responding to treatment like a 45 year old and I was left feeling that IVF was never going to work for me and that motherhood just wasn’t possible.

I was fortunate to find out about ARGC and I made a decision to go to London from Australia and to give it all I had. From what I had heard if I couldn’t get pregnant through ARGC, then I really could know I’d given it my best shot.

Without a doubt the personalised approach I received at ARGC led to a successful first round treatment, resulting in a healthy pregnancy and a number of frozen embryos. Who would have thought!

I returned home to Australia when I was three months pregnant and subsequently gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Almost two years later my husband and I returned to London and I underwent a frozen embryo transfer. After an uncomplicated and smooth pregnancy, I gave birth at 39 weeks to healthy boy and girl fraternal twins.

Just reminiscing on my experience, I feel blessed and fortunate that I was to attend ARCG. The staff were incredibly supportive and the daily roller coaster of treatment and results was made so much easier by the amazing team of professionals.

Now as a mum of three beautiful children, I am so proud to tell my story. I never thought it would happen but ARGC is a place where miracles happen.