Stimulation: How to administer your medications and what to expect

Now that you’re starting stimulation, there’s quite a lot of information you need to know. But don’t worry, we’ve got some handy guides, videos, and tips to make sure you have everything you need before starting treatment with us!

Injection Teach Video

To help prepare you for stimulation, please watch the following video (featuring our nurse manager, Jules and senior nurse, Marija) which includes everything you need to know about stimulation at ARGC.

ARGC|UK presents Injection Teach (feat. Nurse Marija and Nurse Jules)

*The video will load in HD by default if you have a strong internet connection. 

Helpful Resources

INFO81: Your guide to Stimulation – How to administer your medication and what to expect

Pharmasure: Fostimon Injection Teach

Pharmasure: Meriofert Injection Teach

Some tips to help make your treatment easier!

To help make your treatment experience at the clinic as easy as possible, the ARGC family have curated the following list of tips for you.

  • Carry a notebook and pen with you at all times so you’re ready to take down any medication instructions you are given.
  • Keep a log of medications that you have left, and how many more you need.
    • Remember, you should have both 600IU Meriofert and 600IU Fostimon with you at all times, as well as 2 boxes of Cetrotide. You should also always carry 2 x 75IU boxes of both Meriofert and Fostimon with you.
  • Consider taking the second week of your stimulation off work. Treatment can be demanding, and you may need to visit the clinic more than once per day.
  • Consider investing in a cool bag – it can be a useful accessory to help keep your medications cool while you’re on the go!
  • If you feel unwell during treatment, especially bloating or nausea, please see a nurse.
  • Keep your phone charged and with you at all times. We’ll call you after each blood test during your stimulation phase to give you your medication instructions.
    • If you haven’t received a call by 6pm, please give us a call on the emergency line (07528 046 167).
  • Please set up your voicemail – if we are unable to reach you by telephone, we’ll leave you a voice message with your instructions for the day.
  • Relax! Try to relax yourself and avoid stressful situations while on treatment.