Treatment support

Supporting you on your patient journey is important to us. The ARGC staff are always available to answer your questions and help wherever possible. When you embark on a treatment cycle you will have access to a drop-in centre where nurses can assist you with any questions you may have or advice about taking medications and help with consent forms.

Counselling is offered to all patients considering fertility treatment at the centre. Counselling gives patients the opportunity to prepare themselves emotionally and provides support whilst going through treatment, thereby helping to minimise stress. It is strongly recommended to all patients, particularly those considering egg, sperm or embryo donation, or those using surrogate mothers

It is important that ARGC patients understand that complications from treatment can arise. These will be discussed fully with you at your consultation and during your treatment.  These include:  Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) which arises in a very small proportion of women due to an over-sensitivity of the ovaries to stimulating medication. The ARGC team has extensive experience in the prevention and management of OHSS and most cases the condition can be managed conservatively; it is only very rarely that developing the condition will require hospitalisation

The incidence of multiple pregnancy increases if more than one embryo is replaced during treatment. Although multiple pregnancies do occur naturally they are associated with complications of preterm labour and the associated risks of this to the mother and child.  

Miscarriage in pregnancies from IVF is slightly higher than for normally conceived pregnancies, largely due to factors that may be the cause of the initial fertility problem. Rarely a pregnancy may implant out side of the womb, although this can also occur in a natural pregnancy is a serious condition that means the pregnancy is not able to continue and will require medical intervention.