Egg, Sperm and Embryo Donation

These treatment options are offered to couples if required. The use of donor sperm is organised by taking appropriate characteristics of the couple and best matching the male partner to available donor sperm.

All sperm donors undergo extensive medical and psychological examination, conducted by the donor banks that supply IVF clinics in the UK. Donors are also screened for a variety of infectious diseases (including hepatitis B and C, HIV) and a number of genetic conditions.

At the ARGC, we only offer known egg donation where a patient recruits her own donor. The egg donor and recipient are stimulated synchronously, so the recipient is ready to receive the embryos a few days after the egg collection. Anonymous egg donation and egg share programmes are currently not available.

A small reserve of anonymous donated embryos is available for current ARGC patients that require them. These embryos have been kindly donated by other couples that had excess embryos frozen after their own treatment and no longer require them. Characteristics are taken from both couples and embryos are best matched to recipients. Extensive screening is also carried out and counselling is strongly recommended for all involved. Currently, there is an eighteen to twenty-four months wait for donor embryos.